MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD. establishes an R&D subsidiary in England

September 17, 2014

MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD., Corporation announced today that it established an R&D subsidiary, MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD. Innovation Center, Inc., in England to enhance its technological development capabilities in the United Kingdom, which is the largest medical device market and represents the most advanced technology. The new subsidiary will begin operations this month.
United Kingdom has many universities and research institutions involved in basic research as well as clinical research related to medical devices so this is an excellent environment to access information about new technologies and market trends and acquire talented staff. By utilizing networks with universities, hospitals and venture companies, the Company will continue to explore innovative research themes and conduct translational research※ that leads to new businesses.
One of the key strategies of MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD.’s Strong Growth 2017 mid-term business plan is to strengthen technological development capability. To achieve this, the Company will promote domestic and international industry-government-academic collaboration, and further strengthen and speed up its research and development. With the new R&D subsidiary in England, MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD. aims to build a development framework which can quickly and flexibly respond to the needs of the global healthcare market and develop products which contribute to medical safety and improve operating efficiency.

※Translational research is the research process that aims to make findings from basic science useful for practical applications that enhance medical care.

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