Supporting the Community by Medical Treatment

MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD’s mission is to utilize its leading edge technology and products to support medical treatment in all clinical areas from emergency response to testing, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. In addition to clinical treatment, MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD., products play an active role outside the hospital, such as in health improvement and home medical care and nursing as well as basic medical research.

TRANSFORM 2020 Future Vision

 • Lead the world in the development of revolutionary breakthrough technology

 • Achieve the highest level of quality in the world

President and CEO Create high customer value Improve productivity within the organization

1. Strengthen business expansion by region

2. Achieve further growth in core businesses

3. Develop new businesses

4. Strengthen technological development capabilities

5. Pursue the highest level of quality in the world

6. Consolidate corporate fundamentals

Commitment to High Quality and Reliability

In the manufacture of medical equipment which affects human life, we allow no compromise. All products have guaranteed safety and quality after passing the strictest inspections.

Manufacturing in Japan

Our major products are manufactured at its main factory, in Japan. The open design of the factory incorporates the latest production technology for the manufacture of printed circuit boards and medical equipment assembly. Electrodes and sensors are manufactured at our factory in Nagoya, Japan. Our wide ranges of disposable electrodes are designed to be gentle on the patient and support accurate monitoring. To implement an efficient and superior system of production, we build our own automated manufacturing machines.

Manufacturing Internationally

We have four international manufacturing base outside of Japan.

New York Medic Phama Medical Electronic Instruments manufactures basic model electrocardiographs, patient monitors, IVD measuring instruments and reagents.

Medic Phama Shanghai  Sdn Bhd manufactures basic model patient monitors.

Medic Phama Firenze S.r.l.

And Medic Phama India Pvt. Ltd. manufacture reagents to ensure stables supply of highly reliable Medic Phama reagents to our customers.