To have the customers feel continuous satisfaction with their purchase of MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD., products.

To achieve this quality policy, MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD., sets Group-wide targets and continually strives to ensure quality and enhance customer satisfaction in all processes, from development to production, sales and after-sales services. Our goal is to be a Company that is continually viewed and supported by customers as a trusted partner.

Quality Targets

We have been working on quality improvement activities with the following three quality targets.

1) “Risk Zero” design and production

For the safety and security of our customers, MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD., believes that it is important to keep risk as close to zero as possible and continue to promote quality improvement. Our development, production and service departments work together to carry out design and production work intended to eliminate risk. We have established a framework to review risk management activities, prevent recurrence, take measures against human errors, assess risks from the customer’s perspective, and provide feedback to new product development.

2) Achieve a high utilization rate by users

MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD., is designing and manufacturing medical devices that breakdown less often, with the goal of ensuring customer satisfaction long after the purchase of products. We use the utilization rate as a metric and review it regularly together with continuing our efforts to deliver loaner devices in a timely manner and return products in a short period of time if they should fail.

3) Achieve excellent usability

To achieve higher usability, MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD., has built a usability evaluation room for the purpose of developing products based on a deep understanding of customers’ needs and clinical environment. Our design has been highly evaluated and received the Good Design Award.

New Quality Targets

1) Build a global quality management system to strengthen regulatory compliance and post marketing monitoring.

2) Establish a product supply and service system that results in greater customer satisfaction

3) Achieve high rate of utilization by customers

Integrated Quality Management System

Medical devices supporting the frontlines of medicine require extremely advanced degrees of quality and safety.

MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD., not only complies with these regulations, it was among the first in the industry to ensure that its systems and practices conform to global standards to develop and manufacture medical engineering devices that have high degrees of quality and safety. To demonstrate its compliance with these standards, MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD., has received a number of certifications and accreditations by third-party institutions.

MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD., has also received Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP)* certification ahead of other manufacturers in Japan.