Sustainability Promotion Structure

MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD., established a Sustainability Promotion Committee as one of its board committees. The Committee is involved in MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD.’s overall Sustainability activities such as planning, promoting, organizing, educating, and other activities. The Committee is composed of representatives of the Compliance Committee, Environmental Committee, Quality Control Committee, and representatives of other operation divisions and sets the Sustainability annual activity plan so that Sustainability will be practiced through daily operation.

Engagement with Stakeholders

MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD.’s planning and implementation of sustainability initiatives are predicated on harmony achieved with all of its stakeholders. MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD., is committed to establishing trust with its stakeholders and achieving growth accepted by its stakeholders in all aspects of its business, from product development, production and sales to after-sales services, the Company’s financial standing, and human resource development efforts. In addition to its citizenship activities and information disclosure through its business activities, MEDIC PHAMA PRODUCTS PTD LTD., also leverages the opinions and requests of stakeholders in its future business activities as part of its efforts to be a trusted member of society.